Mike Manos presentation IT Forum - Special Event for Early Bird Attendees

Mike Manos presented at a special event for IT Forum as part of thank you for the attendees who registered early.

Kevin, Arlindo, Frank, and I (http://greenm3.typepad.com/green_m3_blog/2007/11/microsoft-it-pr.html) sat in and were thoroughly entertained with the presentation, and had some good laughs.

One of the most amazing things is Mike was faced with the challenge of presenting during lunch (it is bad to be the presentation keeping people from food) and presenting in the auditorium which seats over a 2,000 people with glaring lights in your eyes. He couldn't see past the first 10 rows to read the audience, and see if anyone was leaving.  Well I didn't see anyone leave and 96% of the people turned in feedback on the session. This was the highest feedback rate of any presentation at the conference, and a great indication of what people thought about the topic of how Microsoft runs its data centers.


Mike had over a dozen people come up after to ask questions.

For those of you who attend IT Forum in EMEA, you can look forward to Mike being on the list of speakers for the next IT forum.

See http://unthrottled.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!3B07BABB3D3318AA!574.entry for Mike's entry on his presetation.