Green Data Centre Panel Discussion

Well, we succesfully presented best scoring panel presentation at IT forum.  For those attendees who attended IT forum, you'll be able to listen to the discussion and how the panel picked on Mike Manos. :-) We didn't have the Jerry Springer moment, but the conversation was lively.

As the moderator, I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to kick off this discussion at IT Forum.  Kevin Sangwell from Microsoft did a great job of recruiting speakers for the event.

The comments tell the story.

  • very good, hardware vendors, chip manufacturers, large companies able to demonstrate what they are doing to reduce the carbon footprint....however it appears microsoft are not doing very much to reduce this footprint! Lets see some commitement from MS.....such as supporting/promoting competitors virtualiastion products.
  • I felt that this format for a session was very progressive and interactive. Unfortunately, the discussion was sidelined a few times and I didn't think the session had enough time to run its course.
  • Good session. Should have been longer
  • Dissapointed that this was the only coverage at ITForum, I would have liked to here something about Microsoft's strategy for solving power consumption in good software design.
  • This was a very good session. I would have liked to continue it but we ran out of time. I got a lot of usefull information.
See!3B07BABB3D3318AA!580.entry for Mike Manos' post.


The spiralling cost and environmental impact of data centres is driving some in the industry to design Green data centres. This panel includes representatives from hardware and software vendors plus data centre managers who will share their insight, debate the relative merits of going Green and share the lessons from early adoption.


  • Mr Kevin Sangwell - Microsoft
  • Mr Nigel Bridgeman - HP
  • Mr Michael Manos - Microsoft Data Centers
  • Mr Ed English - Dell
  • Mr Dave Ohara - Green M3
  • Mr Kevin O'Donovan - Intel
  • Mr Harvey Cobbold - Citi Data Centers
  • Mr Ramon Huesa - AMD