Path to Green: Prioritize and Focus

This weekend in reading some other blogs, I went to

In reading scoble's latest 2 entries, and each had 18 - 19 things he was telling the audience to do.

Why am I writing about Robert's entry?  It reminds that Green is a broad topic and you can go on for hours talking about all the Green things you could do in a data center - eWaste, energy efficiency, cooling systems, UPS, building construction, blades, virtualization, storage systems, networks, power supplies, processors, design isues, power management, RAM, solid state drives, renewable energy, carbon credits. There are dozens of vendors ready to sell you green upgrades.

If you are going to successful in creating a Green Data Center you need to prioritize the changes and focus on develop a strategy of how you will measure the effectiveness of change.

Robert has some good suggestions for his audience, but how do you know which ones have the highest return?  Being Green requires an iterative approach and measurement system to determine how much greener you are after each change, and whether you may have take a step backward.  It is easy to throw out a bunch of ideas, it is hard to execute and prove the effectiveness.

Keep this in mind when implementing Green Data Center projects. It is easy to have the Robert Scobles of the world tell you all the different things you should do to make a Green Data Center. It's hard to prioritize and focus.

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I am basing part of my opinion on the time I was at Microsoft watching Robert Scoble operate.