Harsh View of Google's North Carolina Data Center

This is an old article from Jan 2007, but interesting in that Valleywag, Silicon Valley's tech gossip Rag, jumped on Google for its North Carolina facility writing:

Lenoir, Caldwell CountyThe fabulously profitable search engine, having pitted two depressed areas in the Carolinas against eachother, has picked Lenoir in Caldwell County as the location of a giant new server farm. I'm sure there will be plenty of rhetoric about the virtues of Lenoir, a former center for North Carolina's battered furniture industry. But Google just chose the county from which it could extract the most grotesque tax breaks.

Google was offered 150 acres on a plate, a 30-year break on real-estate taxes, and a grant from the state government. In short, a $500,000 sweetener for each of the 200 jobs Google will create.