Google Drops More than 160 points, culture shift?

Goog Drops 166

Are people getting nervous about the economy and advertising budgets? John Battelles' Blog writes about how Google's culture shift.

It's on a steep decline in the past few days, perhaps due to the new search stats from Nielsen, as well as jitters about the economy at large.

I can only imagine what this is doing to the Google culture. Don't tell me no one watches the stock there. Anyone who's joined since September of 2007 - and that's a lot of folks - now find their options underwater.

2008 will be the year Wall Street gets frustrated with Google. The company has incredible numbers, and will continue to impress, but analysts, tired of bidding up the stock, will start to question the company's myriad ocean-boiling projects - after all, it's merely trying to reinvent Health, Energy, Telecom, IT (both consumer apps and OSes), and a few other major portions of the GDP.

Seems like Google is spending more time marketing itself as a company to work for.  Lots of press articles about their cafeteria's, office, game rooms which is usually a sign they are having a hard time recruiting.  We can all remember back when other technology companies were "the" company to work for and they had no problem recruiting.  Times change.

This is significant for data center development in that once Google's cachet becomes tarnished, it will be more difficult for them to get their attractive tax breaks.  Many of us think there is a misperception on what the value of Google data center to a local economy.  I am waiting for some one to do a study on the economic impact of a data center to an area, and I'll blog it as soon as it pops up, or volunteer to help research it.

Another interesting view  is of Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo in the last 3 months.