Microsoft Research Announces RFP for Power Aware Computing, $500,000 available

Kim Shearer, Microsoft Research's Sustainable program manager just posted this project on their web site.  Microsoft just announced its Power Aware Computing Request for Proposals 2008 to non-profit colleges or research institutions.

Current work in sustainable and power aware computing suggests two fundamental principles for work in the area. The first is the principle of pay for play, suggesting that the power consumed by a computing device should be proportional to the demand placed upon the system. Systems today typically consume approximately 70% of their maximum load power at idle which defeats this goal. Secondly there is a goal of treating power or energy as a first class resource. There exists a significant body of resource management work largely revolving around attaining maximum performance. It is important that energy efficiency be given a role of equal importance in resource management.

This worldwide RFP seeks to stimulate novel research into increasing energy efficiency, thereby reducing the power consumption of computing. We are soliciting work that has the potential to become part of a large research portfolio, and we encourage proposals that are outside the usual line of enquiry.

The total amount available under this request for proposals (RFP) is $500,000. Microsoft Research anticipates making approximately 5 awards averaging $100,000, with a maximum of $150,000 for any single award. All awards will be made in $US. Awards are generally made as unrestricted gifts to the institution. Outside the United States other local restrictions may apply to the terms of the award. For current policy regarding non-U.S. countries, please refer to