Royal Bank of Canada gets the issues for Environment and Water - Executive Commitment

Back in Oct 2007 a month before I started the Green Data Center Blog I ran across some folks at RBC, and found out about their environmental commitment. RBC launched their corporate commitment by their president & CEO Gord Nixon sending out a letter to their staff. Here is a short excerpt from his letter.

Our clients, especially those from the boomer generation, expect to see companies like RBC making a difference in the world. All our research tells us that water shortages will be one of the most significant environmental and humanitarian challenges of the coming decades, and that is the reason we have decided to focus our efforts here. If you’re interested in reading more about the RBC Blue Water Project.

Over the coming months and years, we will be announcing new initiatives as part of the Blueprint, including a focus on reducing our own environmental impact. I know that some parts of RBC are further ahead than others in this area, but the Blueprint will ensure that we’ll all be moving in the same direction, and making an effort to do better everywhere.

The RBC Environmental Blueprint will be available online shortly.

RBC has executed a carbon offset program for its online applications.

We use approximately 715 megawatt hours of energy per year to operate the primary and backup systems that power our online applications. According to Environment Canada's Interim Guidance on Performance Measures for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, this energy use produces approximately 244 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. To offset the environmental impact of these emissions, we have purchased high quality carbon offsets – a unit of greenhouse gas emissions validated to have been removed from the atmosphere.

RBC is one of those companies who wants to be a leader in environmental sustainability.

We believe that preservation of the environment is fundamental to the sustainability of our communities, our clients and our company. And we believe that we can help to preserve the environment, while at the same time providing both short- and long-term benefits to our shareholders, clients and employees.