Another Way to Reduce Wasteful Spam

Spam filtering is a necessity of email, and we have all gone through the difficulty of missing an important piece of email because it went to your spam folder.  WSJ has a short post on one alternative.

Email With a Ribbon on It

Goodmail Systems Inc. has developed a way to fight email fraud like phishing, the scam that uses what appear to be legitimate email messages from companies or other organizations to get victims to reveal information like Social Security numbers or credit-card account passwords.

Goodmail, a start-up based in Mountain View, Calif., raised $20 million in Series C funding last month from investors led by Bessemer Venture Partners to support its email-certification business.

Goodmail's clients are companies, nonprofits and government agencies that want consumers to be able to tell that the email the organization sends them is legitimate. Clients route their email to consumers through Goodmail, which tags each message with a blue-ribbon icon to show it isn't fraudulent. Goodmail currently handles about three billion messages a month.

I wonder how many email alerts from IT systems go to the spam folder especially when sent outside the company domain to service partners?

If you have this problem, feel free to comment to this post.