HP Goes Greener with Battery Deal

WSJ has an article about HP’s decision to offer greener batteries from Boston Power.

Battery Deal Takes On Green Hue

Boston Power's Devices for Laptop Maker H-P Won't Be Replaced as Often


A small Boston-area company backed by venture capitalists won a contract from Hewlett-Packard Co. to make batteries that will be sold as so-called green power supplies for laptop computers.

The contract awarded to Boston Power Co. marks a rare inroad for a U.S. company in the rechargeable-battery business for consumer electronics. Japan's Sony Corp., Sanyo Electric Co. and Panasonic Corp. dominate the world-wide market.

Boston Power, based in Westborough, Mass., says its batteries can be recharged to full capacity more than 1,000 times -- three to four times as often as current batteries, which lose their recharging capability after 250 or so charges. The company says that means its batteries won't be replaced as often, reducing the number of batteries in landfills. H-P, the laptop-market leader, is providing a three-year warranty on the batteries, which it calls the "Enviro" line. That is triple the typical lithium-ion battery warranty.

The market test is whether users will pay more for a battery that lasts longer.

H-P said it expects to charge $20 to $30 more for the Enviro batteries than current replacement batteries, which typically cost $100 to $160. Shipments are to start early next year.