Iowa Gov. wants more Renewable Energy and Reduce Energy Consumption, exempts Google's Council Bluffs Data Center

MSNBC has an article about renewable energy and reducing consumption.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Gov. Chet Culver called Monday for producing more renewable energy and reducing energy use by 5 percent.

"The good news here is we have a lot of support, both public and private support," said Culver, speaking during a telephone conference call from Washington, D.C., where he was attending a National Governors Association meeting.

Much of the conference is devoted to energy issues, and Culver said it was a good opportunity to focus on the topic, which has been a centerpiece of his first term as governor. He and legislators already have agreed on a $100 million fund that will finance alternative energy projects in the state.

And conveniently dances around the energy needs of Google's Council Bluffs data center project.

Allowing utility regulators to set a statewide goal of reducing energy use by 1.5 percent a year, and eventually trimming the use by 5 percent. Some economic development projects, such as a Google Inc. data center under construction near Council Bluffs, will require additional energy, but Culver said he's focused on reducing base demand.

So in the end are the Iowa citizens subsidizing the increased power use by Google's data center? And, the governor is able to claim energy savings while bottom line he transferred the energy consumption to Google.

How much power will Google's Iowa data center consume?  According to permits it could be 76 mW in its 1st phase.