# of employees in FedEx and UPS Data Centers less than Google, How Efficient is Google's Infrastructure

My post on # of employees in Google and its competitors data centers has been popular. 

Keeping up with the idea I found an article about FedEx's # of employees 100

Meanwhile, FedEx could land soon. The company’s back-up center won’t mean a tremendous number of jobs, possibly 100 or so. But the jobs for these centers pay above average median income in the range of $70,000-$80,000 a year.

And UPS's # of employees 125

Windward is somewhat of a mixed-use facility – about 125 people (support personnel) work at the data center. The increase in chilled water temperatures has not affected human comfort in any way.

There have been articles about how efficient Googles' infrastructure is, but if you make the leap of faith that Google really does have 200 data center employees, then how efficient is their infrastructure?

IT management at Google is decentralized. The company has neither a CIO nor CTO, but it's brimming with senior-level engineers and other technologists. They include Bill Coughran, VP of engineering for systems infrastructure, who oversees the distributing computing programs that power Google's online applications, and Eustace, who's responsible for product R&D. Sergey Brin isn't just Google's co-founder--his day-to-day job is president of technology. Merrill, brought in as senior director of IS three years ago, now is responsible for internal engineering and worldwide support.

He then takes a jab at CIOs--which he describes as a title used by "old-world companies"--at other companies. "Most people in my job try to control. 'Here are the three things you can buy.'" Merrill explains. "I try to control as a little as I possibly can but make it easy to work within parameters that I know how to work with."

Especially when you consider how many data centers they have in the US.  It is tough for many of us to believe in the 200 #, but Google needs to keep that # out there to protect their tax breaks.