Are Green Data Center Consultants Really Worth It?

DataCenterJournal has an article by a Green Data Center Consultant Bill Masters, Are Greening Consultants Worth It?  And, offers his 5 top reasons for a professional Green Consultant.

1. Skilled greening consultants typically have a technology and energy background. That means they have expertise in power distribution, UPS, infrastructure, cooling as well as extensive knowledge with respect to load and performance benchmarking measurements.

2. Experienced greening consultants will take a holistic energy reduction approach to data centers. Most will conduct a comprehensive Data Center Analysis to evaluate your data center's infrastructure in addition to an IT analysis that's designed to pin point hardware and software inefficiencies.

3. A few of these consultants are aligned with the utilities in your area of operation. In many cases they have programs available to cover some or all of the greening costs associated with an aggregate or stand alone power savings programs.

4. The skilled greening consultant will act as your agent to work directly with the utility to see your greening project through from inception to completion.

5. Finally, the skilled greening consultant will only get paid a percentage of the verified energy savings calculation confirmed by the utility.

On first glance this made sense, but then I asked would I do it this way. No. If you really are Green you're about efficiency and eliminating waste. So, shouldn't your #' 1 job be to use the least amount of resources for maximum results?

Here are my three simple steps:

  1. Awareness of where you are at and the ability to educate others.
  2. Identify potential Green/energy efficiency projects and prioritize.
  3. Figure out the most efficient path to take and define the measurements for success/failures along the way.