ITBusinessEdge - Will Green Data Centers Endure?Ask the opposite question - Will Brown/Black Data Centers be extinct in 5 years?

ITBusinesEdge, posts a blog on Will Green Data Centers Endure?

Is green technology set to become a permanent fixture of the IT industry, or is it just a fad – and one that’s getting ready to “jump the shark?”

Probably a little of both.

At the moment, all indications are that enterprises around the globe are taking seriously the concept of the “green” data center. While some of it can be attributed to the desire of IT decision-makers to do what’s right by Mother Earth, it’s also true that doing what’s right goes hand-in-hand with adding cash to the bottom line.

The latest report on green technology from Datamonitor estimates that nearly 20 percent of top enterprises have adopted at least some sort of green technology, the vast majority of which is probably server virtualization. Three quarters of CIOs and IT managers say adopting green business practices, like reducing energy consumption and improving recycling practices for decommissioned hardware, is a top aspect of their data center strategies.

Professional organizations are also stepping up their efforts to devise and help implement green business practices. The Storage Networking Industry Association has teamed up with The Green Grid to develop educational programs and spearhead collaborative development efforts aimed at making the storage side of the house more efficient by reducing the power draw to both run and cool storage systems.

I have posted 210 entries to my blog in the 6 months I started blogging on Green Data Centers.  I would have never thought I could get these many posts on the subject, but it has been easy to find Green data center subject matter, and this is still the early adopter stage.  As energy costs increase and more people run into power and cooling issues the interest is going to grow quickly.

The other question to ask is Will Brown/Black Data Centers be extinct in 5 years?  Will data centers that are oblivious to their effect on the environment survive?  Will they be so inefficient that they'll become the equivalent of pre-catalytic converter cars that are polluting the environment and governments will target their retirement?  The data center construction industry would be ecstatic if government's obsolete data centers over 5 years old that have not been upgraded.