IBM Targets Green Data Center market with New Server, equipment for Cloud Computing with lower energy requirements

WSJ has an article on IBM's new iDataPlex line of servers which target the Green Data Center space.

IBM iDataPlex

International Business Machines Corp. announced Wednesday a new type of computer designed for the giant data centers operated by so-called Web 2.0 companies, such as Internet-search and email providers.

IBM's iDataPlex line is intended for companies that buy vertical racks containing dozens of servers based on Intel Corp. microprocessors. IBM said the product, due for sale next month, is aimed at fewer than 1,000 customers world-wide. Jim Gargan, a vice president for IBM's enterprise systems group, said the company hopes some customers will buy systems costing "north of $20 million."

IBM is entering a fast-growing market with somewhat limited competition. Some large users, such as Google Inc., design their own computer systems using parts from Intel. A few small companies, including Rackable Systems Inc., of Fremont, Calif., provide specialized systems for the market.

"There's a small group of customers but staggering volumes of servers," said Jed Scaramella, an analyst from International Data Corp., of Framingham, Mass. He predicted many of those companies will be eager to evaluate IBM's products. Dan Olds, an analyst with Gabriel Consulting in Beaverton, Ore., said, "It's a game changer in the market they're going after" because of the number of servers IBM has crammed into a small space.

When you deploy this many servers you better be Green.

IBM said its hardware design reduces the cost per server by about 20% to 25%. More importantly, it said, it crams 138% more servers into the same floor space and requires 40% less power to run. It can be outfitted with a water-cooled wall so it doesn't need air conditioning.

How big is the market for Green Data Center Servers? Big enough for IBM with customer references from Yahoo, Tencent QQ, Merrill Lynch, Texas Tech University, and IBM chose the Web 2.0 conference to announce their new product line. I was given the late opportunity to lead a Green IT discussion at Web2.0 Expo, but had a conflict, and it would be have nice to see first hand the crowd traffic and reaction to IBM's iDataPlex.

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And, the Container idea comes up again.

The I.B.M. systems will begin shipping next month, and are intended for high-end customers with data centers that have a thousand to tens of thousands of server computers, said James Gargan, the I.B.M. vice president for xSeries computers, which are servers powered by industry-standard microprocessors produced by Intel or A.M.D.

The I.B.M. systems will mostly be made to order for large customers. One offering involves putting 1,500 server computers into a 40-foot truck trailer, ready to plug in from a parking lot, Mr. Gargan said.

In blogging and surfing the net, IBM consistently shows up as an advertiser for Green Data Center. Run a search and IBM pops to the top of the advertiser list (not on the sidebar, top of the page). The good thing is I am in the top 10 search results twice for my blog and TechNet article (25,000 pages views, yippee!!!).