Microsoft Green IT blogger - IT Pro experience, B.S. in Environmental Science, and certified Environmental Auditor

Part of the fun writing my blog is connecting with people who have interest in the Green Data Center. One of the interesting people out there is the Microsoft blogger Little Miss Enviro Geek. Her blog has only 7 entries, but given her background of being an IT Pro, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, and being a certified Environmental Auditor in June 2008, she has the right experience.

It's Earth Day, and Microsoft have a great new website so you can love it up with the trees...

So its Earth Day today - what does this mean and what is Microsoft doing to celebrate?

Quite simply, Wikipedia says Earth Day is "...intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment".  The earth is affected by everything we do and we are affected by everything on earth in some way - so a day to recognise this justified I think!  :)

Microsoft launched a new website today to celebrate: it looks fantastic.  Find out here things like:

  • How is Microsoft committed to the environment;
  • What are the business solutions from Microsoft that you can implement - quite cool here is the Dynamics Dashboard for tracking energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions - LOVE IT!
  • Find out ways to help the environment, through PC energy savings and cool tools;
  • Watch a video on best practices for Data Centre management;
  • Check Microsoft Environmental news;
  • Research the latest Software Showcase from Microsoft Partners.

This is excellent information to help you, my fellow geeks, develop strategies around 'green' or environmentally sustainable IT - think about including environmental information as part of your next business case to help get it up to executive management sign-off - they are all thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility (environment being just one area under CSR) and this might be the tipping point you need to get your dream Unified Communications infrastructure or Windows 2008 Hypervisor environment!  ;-)