Taking a Staycation?

MSNBC.com has an article about the idea of a "staycation".

Imagine the perfect summer vacation: Swimming in clear blue water, tennis and a little bicycling, barbecued meals, a concert under the stars, a ballgame with fireworks, maybe even a museum or two …. and all for free.

Well, okay, not for free – but for a fraction of what other people will pay.

How? By vacationing at home.

To save you the time I submitted my survey input to this article, and got the following results with the # of people who are going to stay home.  It's a bad time to be an airline company.

Are you planning a vacation closer to home this summer?   * 141 responses

Yes, fuel prices are just too high.

No, I'm hitting the road.

Not sure, I'll wait and see if pump prices come down.

Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

I thought about going to IDC's Green IT conference, but I decided to stay home. Thanks to friends and the power of blogging/news reporters, I'll get most of the news from conferences, and just save the gas and stay home.

For those of you have haven't visited my office, this is my view, so I have an incentive to just stay put.image001