Jeff Bezos Talks About Why Amazon is an innovator in Web Services

GigaOm has an interview Amazon's Jeff Bezos about Amazon Web Services.

This video confirms 2 reasons why I think AWS is successful. Being a retailer, Amazon has low margins and needs to be efficient. (they know how to do pricing to maximize profit.) And, being a retailer, they have to hit dates to meet retail schedules (no compromises on delivery).

Here are more details for you to digest.

  • How and when Amazon began its cloud computing effort.
  • Why Amazon has become an innovator with Amazon Web Services and how it relates to their core business of being an online retailer.
  • Whether or not Wall Street recognizes Amazon’s cloud efforts.
  • What’s next for Amazon Web Services.
  • Whether or not Amazon has plans for a VC fund or for cloud computing startups.

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