Eaton Bets on Being Green, Barrons' writes a positive article

This week's Barron's writes a favorable review of Eaton, discussing its diversification into products for data centers and investing in breakthroughs in conserving energy.

Eaton's trucking business, meanwhile, is increasingly focused on energy efficiency. Just recently the company (ticker: ETN) won orders for 207 hybrid diesel-electric transit buses for Guangzhou, China, and 200 hybrid-electric vehicles for United Parcel Service (UPS).

"There's a real economic opportunity for companies doing progressive innovations to identify technologies which will allow breakthroughs in conserving energy," Cutler tells Barron's. "For Eaton, it really is a sweet spot of combining our customers' needs for more sustainable business along with our own base set of values."

And, for those of you who buy Eaton's data center products.

Eaton's new Powerware products for uninterrupted power-supply systems, which help lower energy costs of data centers, contributed to a more than 30% increase in sales last year to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States alone.

They are so green, they are being added to an environmental sustainability mutual fund.

Eaton's green leanings have prompted Portfolio 21, a global mutual fund based on environmental sustainability, to start building a position in the company.

If you want to see Eaton's green product and service commitment, check out

Eaton is one company who can proudly say they have bet on Green successfully and are performing well in this economy.