ZDNet – Russia as Data Center Hub? Not So Fast, links to GreenM3

Another interesting link to my Russia Data Center Entry from ZDNet, and from Larry Dignan.

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Russia as datacenter hub? Not so fast

Posted by Larry Dignan @ 7:08 pm

Russia apparently could become a datacenter hub. It has hydroelectric power, cold temperatures to keep all those servers cool and a booming economy with lots of engineering talent. But there are enough moving parts to require a little more homework on that Russia as datacenter capital theory.

The Green Data Center blog riffs off an Economist story connecting the datacenters with Russia’s hydroelectric capacity. RusHydro, which owns most of Russia’s hydroelectric plants, has 25 gigawatts of capacity. Why wouldn’t you put up a bunch of data centers in Russia? Om Malik connects a few more dots and notes that datacenters will be clustered near the power production. It only stands to reason that Russia would be a big player.

This is interesting to watch how the idea grows through blogs.  I’ll keep watching my blog metrics to see what other links I get.