Staycations are In, My Project Featured in Sunset Magazine

It is interesting reading how Staycations are popular with high energy prices and the economic conditions. MSNBC has an article on Staycations.

Get away on vacation — at home

Forget the chores on your 'staycation', and return really rested

UPPER ST. CLAIR, Pa. - Like a suburban stalker, I have watched from my front window as various neighbors packed body boards in their SUVs and headed to the Jersey shore, set off for a week at a North Carolina mountain resort, and jetsetted to Las Vegas.

I admit it. I suffered from vacation envy.

But after spending a relaxing two-week vacation at home with my family — with no packing, no airport delays, and no backseat chants of "Are we there yet?" — I was refreshed. It was just the vacation I needed. I recommend it to anyone who sighs with that sad Sunday night feeling each weekend when it's clear daily living requires more time and energy than a typical week can offer.

10 years ago, I wanted to build my staycation space, and this month in Aug '08 Sunset Print Magazine our "Backyard Beach House" is featured. The article is not online yet, but here are some images from the article.

IMG_0002 IMG_0006

IMG_0004  IMG_0005

The one problem hard to avoid is getting away from the office as my office is at home as well. I'll write a post about my office as well, but a quick summary is it is 500 sq ft, with 208 3 phase power in my office with air side economizers (I open the windows) as well as air conditioning for those rare hot days to keep the  computers cool.


Our Beach House is the right structure with a small dock in front of it. My Office is the small structure above and our home is the next structure near the road.