EPA/DOE Energy Efficiency Strategy Workshop

For the next two days I am at http://www.energetics.com/datacenters08/ conference on the Microsoft campus. If you want you can listen to this conference live.

Dear Data Center Stakeholder,
Please see below call-in information for the National Data Center Energy Efficiency Strategy Workshop and ENERGY STAR Server Stakeholder meeting for July 8 & 9.  Agendas are available at www.energetics.com/datacenters08.  Presentations and discussion notes will be posted to the conference and ENERGY STAR Web sites shortly following the meetings.
Call-In: (203) 480-8000
Toll Free: 866-500-6738
Passcode: 7217735
Please note that Day 1 discussions are currently underway and the Day 2 meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. PT tomorrow morning.
We hope you can join us.

The first presentation reviewing on Implementing Best Energy Management Practices is Christian Belady.

Christian started out his presentation making the point that he and Andrew Fanara from the EPA have lowest carbon footprint point getting to the presentation, but I have them both beat as I had a 3 mile drive. Christian's drive is 12 miles, and Andrew's is 20 miles.  But, Andrew and I both have Christian beat overall as we have home offices.

Christian starts his presentation efficiency is a behavior problem. People are being charged by space. The behavior change is charging by power. Relevant metrics used by Microsoft are  PUE/DCiE, DC Utilization, Server Utilization, Cost (move from cost/space to cost/power).

Microsoft End results, focusing on changing behavior.

  • Optimization of data center design
    • Follow best practices
    • Adoption of new technologies
    • Optimization of code
    • Engineer of data center
  • Right Sizing
    • Elimination of stranded compute
    • Elimination of stranded power and cooling

Content will be posted on http://www.energetics.com/datacenters08/