Putting IT on a Diet, Double the Success by Keeping an Energy Diary

I wrote an article for TechNet on Putting IT on a Diet.

MSNBC provides data that show people doubled their weight savings when they used a food diary.

Writing down every morsel doubles weight loss

Dieters who kept daily food diaries were more successful, new study says

By Steve Mitchell

MSNBC contributor

updated 1 hour, 47 minutes ago

In the struggle to lose weight, picking up a pen might be just as useful as putting down the fork.

That’s according to a new study that found that people who kept daily food diaries lost twice as much weight or more as those who didn’t keep a tally of their meals.

Nearly 1,700 Kaiser Permanente study participants agreed to exercise and adopt a healthy diet, but those who took the extra step of keeping track of what they consumed got something of a booster charge in their weight loss.

A good tip to keep in mind when putting your own Green IT/Data Center program in place. If you want to automate your diary data collection you should look at a tool like http://www.osisoft.com/Industries/Information%20Technology/.

  • Fluctuating power quality and power loss in equipment
  • Lack of information to correlate IT load and power consumed by IT assets
  • Inefficient cooling system operations
  • Lack of information to correlate server IT load and cost of power
  • Inadequate performance monitoring and condition-based maintenance of equipment
  • Difficulty in performing capacity planning in terms of power, cooling and IT resources