Oops, Not the Right “Christian”

Saw a user hit my blog entry about Christian Belady’s data center opinions from 10 years ago.

Curious, I wanted to see what the user was searching for.

Oops, they were were searching for “Christianity 10 years ago” and my blog entry showed up.


The interesting thing is there is a Christian Data Center entry.

The Christian Interactive Network has followed that vision to secure God’s data and ministry networks. Protecting God’s people and the Gospel from the digital warfare we face today.

From the early days of the Christian Interactive Network, in 1992, we have had a burden to provide a Christ-centered approach to harnessing technology and the interactive “online” world for Christian ministries, churches and organizations. We have watched as many well-intentioned organizations, while spending in excess of one-hundred and eighty million dollars, have failed to succeed according to ’their’ plans! We’ve (collectively the Christian providers) spent too much time concentrating on the ‘uniforms’ we’re wearing, instead of how we can work together for Christ’s sake!

And they have built a Tier 2 data center to house the church’s data.

CIN has been blessed with the ability to occupy a portion of the former Humana Cypress Creek Hospital, which has recently commenced renovation in to one of the nations leading Christian Resource Centers. This Category 5 facility is equipped with generator, filtered / redundant power, filtered air-conditioning and multiple fiber-paths for a true Tier Two level data-center.

Ministry partners will be able to take advantage of world-class firewall and intrusion-detection technologies and the best in security and data storage.

CIN is building a secure data-center much like Nehemiah did when he built the walls and gates to protect the city of Jerusalem. The current facility and improvements represent an initial cost in excess of four million dollars. However, we must raise an additional balance of approximately six hundred and fifty thousand dollars by October, 2006 in order to complete Phase I of the Nehemiah Project. We believe God is raising up individuals, corporations and foundations to accomplish this goal. Pray about how you can participate and be part of this exciting project.

Good thing the Christian Interactive Network does not know a church was demolished by a developer to make room for Google’s data center.

The notion of Google demolishing a church to make way for a data center makes for a spicy headline, and may be seized upon by some who are skeptical of the company’s “do no evil” motto. The church actually sold the property to the local economic development corporation - all before Google was in the picture.