In less than 24 hrs Google's Story of Send video reaches 149,713 views

Yesterday I posted on Google's Story of Send post.  And, my specific metric to see how well the video did was that when I looked at the video it had 301 views.  Well less than 24hrs later the views have hit 149,713.


A Google Search for "the story of send" has 2,810,000 results


With my post at least for now in position #9


Part of the high video traffic was the media picking up on the release.


The Google Data Center team has got to be ecstatic with the coverage.  For those who think blogs are dead and Twitter is the answer.  Try to tell this story in 140 characters.  Now you may get more Twitter Traffic if you are Ashton Kutcher, but is the media going to cover your story.

Big Data Webinar, Dec 7, 2011, GigaOm and Splunk

GigaOm Pro has a webinar on Dec 7, 2011 10 - 11a PT on Big Data.

The Big Machine

How the Internet of Things Is Shaping Big Data


Even relatively conservative forecasts predict there will be 50 billion connected devices online by the end of the decade. Over time, the majority won’t be laptops or phones, but rather machine-to-machine connections from network infrastructure, sensors in cars, appliances, healthcare monitors and the like. They’ll produce data that needs to be combined and analyzed alongside structured data, application logs, customer info and social media streams. Already today, companies across multiple industries and government agencies are struggling to harness the sheer volume, complexity and variety of the data generated. In this webinar, we’ll look at the various kinds of machine-driven big data, how to develop an analytics and usage framework for them, and how companies can use these data to run their businesses.

Join GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Splunk for “The Big Machine: How the Internet of Things Is Shaping Big Data,” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 10 a.m. PST.

I'll be on the panel along with other GigaOm analysts and Splunk's VP of Engineering, Stephen Sorkin.


GigaOM Pro Cloud Curator, Founder,The Cloud of Data


GigaOM Pro Analyst, Executive Director, Zettaforce
GigaOM Pro Analyst, FounderGreenM3
VP of Engineering Splunk

SEO, sometimes quality beats speed, posts on "Google Dublin Data Center"

The normal rule in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is speed of posts is most important. More important than the quality of a post.

9 hrs ago, i posted on Google's Dublin Data Center.  Curious I ran a google search on "google dublin data center."  Here are the top search results.

  1. News for google dublin data center

  2. Google unveils Dublin data centre
    Cloud Pro14 hours ago
    Google will launch a new data centre in Dublin, Ireland, the internet giant confirmed this weekend. It has bought an 11 acre site within Profile Park and ...
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  3. Google attracted by Ireland's climate to open new Dublin data center
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    by Martin Bryant - In 7,136 circles
    3 days ago – It has been announced today that Google is making a new investment in Ireland, bringing a €75m data center to DublinGoogle has acquired ...
  4. Google to Build Major New Data Center in Dublin » Data Center ...
    3 days ago – Google will build a major new data center in Dublin, Ireland, the latest signal that the search giant is scaling up its infrastructure to deal with the ...
  5. Google announces Dublin Green Data Center Project, uses proven ...
    9 hours ago – The media has been covering Google's New Dublin Green Data Centerproject. A Google News search is here. But I wanted to know the facts ...
  6. Google to open Dublin data centre - Topix
    Internet giant Google is to open a new data centre in Dublin to run its search engine, Gmail and Google Maps services. Share. Post. Leave a Comment ...

And, my post made it #3 even though my post is only 9 hrs old, compared to almost all the other posts being 3 days old.

Now to be fair.  I cheated a bit by taking a different approach.  First, I asked for the complete press release from Google so i could look at what Google sent to the press.  After reading it I asked for permission to publish the local press release in its entirety.  And, focused on the green data center angle with the proven air cooling technology which was perfected in an existing Dublin leased facility.  After posting, I remembered Google discussing its Dublin Data Center air handling system at the Google Summit, so I screen grabbed the slides from the presentation which only 265 people had watched.  So, now you can see what Google will most likely deploy in its Dublin state of the art data center.

Here is what I posted.

It is nice to know you can get high SEO with quality even if you are late.


Example of Twitter followers, Michael Dell, Melinda Gates, and Bill Gates

If you don't think media is changing, consider the following.

Melinda Gates just started tweeting, and after three tweets she has 14,558 followers.

Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates

Seattle, WA

Well, it may help that her husband Bill said she has a tweet account and told 3,511,463 followers Melinda has started tweeting.

Bill GatesAbout @BillGates

Bill Gates
Melinda, welcome to ! I may be biased, but I think we should all follow 


Consider Michael Dell 744 tweets and has only 27,394 followers.


Michael Dell

Michael Dell

Austin, TX