GreenM3’s Google Search Rankings, Diving into a Detail

On purpose I am not going to put the text for what I am discussing in this blog, but use pictures as I don’t want users out there hitting this blog entry by mistake.

Today I was going over some use stats on TypePad, the hosting site I use for my blog, and found some interesting search results showing up and I was getting hits on my site.


Out of curiosity I opened the referring links for google search, and guess what I beat HP’s own product page for the image

Belows is a screen snapshot of a google search. 


I don’t know how long I’ll beat HP’s own page, but I am also amazed I beat all the rest of the websites like bladewatch, byteandswitch, techtarget, informationweek, theregister, and eweek..  If I add HP to image , then HP’s product side jumps to #1, and greenm3 drops to #4.

This type of traffic could go to explain why I am getting more contacts from companies to blog about their solutions in the Green Data Center space.