Cisco Greening the Network

Cisco announced its Greening The Network.


Cisco Tapping the Network to Help with Environmental Efforts

New product wards off 'vampire power' as corporations discover business benefits from going green

January 27, 2009

by Charles Waltner

Long viewed as a societal burden for corporations, environmental concerns are now proving a surprising catalyst to a host of both obvious and unexpected business benefits.

Companies that have made substantial commitments to reducing their environmental impact are discovering new ways of cutting costs and improving operations. And for many companies, especially technology-focused ones such as Cisco Systems, environmental initiatives throughout the world are creating potentially huge and diverse markets for new products to help improve the energy efficiency of everything from buildings and data centers to automobiles and the electrical grid itself.

With this in mind, Cisco is now focusing on ways to use networking technologies to speed such efforts to help its customers improve both their businesses and the environment. In its first major product aimed at this goal, the company announced the development of Cisco EnergyWise, a technology that will help businesses put a stake through the heart of "vampire power," the energy drawn by many electrical devices even when they are not in use.

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