Green and Virtual Data Center Book

Got a tip from VMware’s Guy Brunsdon, there is a new book released “The Green and Virtual Data Center”

The Green and Virtual Data Center

Auerbach - CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group

By Greg P. Schulz of StorageIO

ISBN-10: 1420086669 and ISBN-13: 978-1420086669

Hardcover • Approximately 376 pages • Over 100 Illustrations, Figures and Tables

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Read the press release announcement here and posting from Greg's blog here.

The Green and Virtual Data Center (Auerbach) sets aside the political aspects of what is or is not considered green, to instead examine the opportunities for organizations that want to sustain economical growth that isenvironmental-friendly. It is based on the principle that IT infrastructure resources configured and deployed in a highly virtualized manner can be combined with other techniques and technologies to achieve simplified and cost-effective delivery of IT services in a clean green profitable manner.

“Greg Schulz has presented a concise and visionary perspective on the Green issues, He has cut through the hype and highlighted where to start and what the options are.  A great place to start your green journey and a useful handbook to have as the journey continues. - Greg Brunton - EDS”

Through its pages, savvy industry veteran Greg Schulz provides real-world insight in addressing best practices, as well as server, software, storage, networking, and facilities issues concerning any current or next-generation virtual data center that relies on underlying physical infrastructures. Some of the topics covered include –

  • Energy as well as data footprint reduction
  • Cloud-based storage and computing
  • Intelligent and adaptive power management
  • Server, storage, and networking virtualization
  • Tiered servers; storage, network, and data centers
  • Energy avoidance and energy efficiency

Many technologies exist now, and others are emerging, that can enable a green and efficient virtual data center to support and sustain business growth with reasonable return on investment. This book presents virtually all critical IT technologies and techniques, examining the interdependencies that need to be supported to enable a dynamic, energy-efficient, economical, and environmental-friendly green IT data center. This is a path that every organization must ultimately follow.

I haven’t read this book or ordered it yet.  If someone else does feel free to send me comments on what you think of the book.