Virtualization Blogger asks “how green is your data center?”

Virtualization Journal has a post asking How green is your data center?

How Green is Your Data Center?

Give us your opinions and experiences designing and implementing the green data center


Data Center “X” just announced a 2 MegaWatt expansion to their facility in Northern California. A major increase in data center capacity, and a source of great joy for the company. And the source of potentially 714 additional tons of carbon introduced each month into the environment.

Think Green and EfficientMany groups and organizations are gathering to address the need to bring our data centers under control. Some are focused on providing marketing value for their members, most others appear genuinely concerned with the amount of power being consumed within data centers, the amount of carbon being produced by data centers, and the potential for using alternative or clean energy initiatives within data centers. There are stories around which claim the data center industry is actually using up to 5% of power consumed within the United States, which if true, makes this a really important discussion.

What I found entertaining was the author’s use of search results to imply the importance of the topic

If you do a “Bing” search won the topic of “green data center,” you will find around 144 million results. Three times as many as a “paris hilton” search. That makes it a fairly saturated topic, indicating a heck of a lot of interest. The first page of the Bing search gives you a mixture of commercial companies, blogs, and “ezines” covering the topic – as well as an organization or two. Some highlights include:

I show up # 2 in search results vs. #1 in “green data center” search results.  It turns out I get 16X more total traffic (not just “green data center”) through google search than bing search.  Search is relevant as I get 63% of my web site traffic through search.  In fact, I get more traffic through search than search.