CA about to launch EcoSoftware for Green IT

CNET news reports CA will be releasing an EcoSoftware solution.

CA jumps into eco-software market

by Larry Dignan

CA next week will unveil an integrated sustainability suite designed to track carbon emissions, environmental assessments, metering, and compliance to policies in one dashboard.

CA calls the suite EcoSoftware and will launch it Monday, according to Christopher Thomas, vice president of energy and sustainability. I ran into Thomas at the Gartner IT Symposium, where the carbon-monitoring software caught my eye.

There are other efforts designed to track carbon emissions. For instance, Hara and SAP have various applications and others use metering to measure sustainability efforts.

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I have written in the past it was natural for management tool vendors – Tivoli, OpenView, and CA to add Green IT management, so this is no surprise.

We’ll get more details next week as the launch is scheduled for Oct 26.