Watching a person read my blog – Gartner employee

I use typepad for my blog, and go through the site statistics to see what people are reading checking out what google search words they use to find my entries.  This gives me an idea of what people are searching  for and who my readers are.  The following I am pretty sure is a Gartner employee.

This morning at 9:30p PST I wrote a blog post on Gartner’s recommendation for Pattern-based strategy.  At 2:45 and 2:48 pm I got the following hits.


The first was google search for “gartner advanced analytics.”  My one entry 5 hours earlier is result #6, beating out NetworkWorld.


The 2nd one is a google search for “reshaping the data center gartner”.  I have the #1 search result, behind google news, but beating gartner’s blog,, and


I was visiting a friend who works at Google yesterday and we chatted briefly how well my blog works with Google search, but I swear I have no insider information.

All I know is keep on writing, and keep on looking at my results.

Thanks for reading my blog.