GreenM3 1,000 blog post – We are as gods

This is my 1,000 blog post, and I have been thinking about what to write about.  But, I didn’t get to 1,000 blog posts in 2 years by spending a bunch of time thinking about what to write.

2 years ago I started this blog to discuss the green data center topic and had a goal to get in the top ten of Google search.  Knock on wood, I am #1 on Google search for “green data center” out of 116,000,000.



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My most popular post is when Apple recruited eBay’s Data Center Executive Olivier Sanche.  With one post the Mac community knew Apple was serious about data centers, and Olivier became a known to people inside Apple.

Yesterday I saw a presentation by Steward Brand as a welcome presentation at Santa Fe Institute Business Network.  Stewart has a recent book Whole Earth Discipline. One point that struck me as interesting from Stewart’s presentation is. “We are as gods and might as well get good at it.”  This quote is infamous in context of understanding Whole Systems.image

After 2 years of blogging and realizing how popular my Google search results are the consequences of what I write like Olivier’s move to Apple can have impact beyond my blog. Just like the quote above I need to keep on figuring how to “get good at it.”  There are a bunch of data center innovators out there, and this is simple test they all pass, they are figuring out how to “get good at it.”

Thanks for reading as I keep on figuring out how to write about Green Data Centers.

-Dave Ohara