Data Center Executive Popularity

I was going over my site using Google Analytics looking at keywords.  As expected Green Data Center are the top three topics.


green data center


green data centers


green data center blog

What I also found interesting is who came up as data center executive names in the keywords.

And, the winner is?

Olivier Sanche, three times more than Mike Manos.

Christian Belady was just as popular as Mike.

And, next was Chris Malone.

Debra Chrapty showed up, but she is no longer a data center executive.

Now to be fare.  My Google Search result for Olivier Sanche shows up #2 whereas my Google Search result for Mike Manos shows up #5.  So, it is not a true popularity test, but an interesting thing as far as what executives bring traffic to

For comparison the “green data center” words bring in 5 times the amount of traffic.