Why I didn’t live blog the Gartner data center conference

Originally I intended to live blog the Gartner to make observations.  I’ll write another post on the three things i got out of the event.

But for now here are the three reason I didn’t live blog the event.

  1. No photography is allowed.  If I can’t take pictures of presentation slides and the event, the content is much less interesting.  It is quicker and more effective to use pictures.
  2. Given Gartner’s protection of their IP and how they wanted their copyrights respected.  I was constantly asking what could I write about and not violate their copyright?  Safest thing was to not say much.  There were only 3 other media companies there, so there isn’t much media coverage.
  3. I found I wasn’t learning new things as much as hearing validation of ideas I have discussed in blog entries or personally.  So, what is the value of saying Gartner validated a concept discussed months if not years earlier?

So, I spent more time building my social network and met some great people that will help me write future blog entries.

Part of Gartner’s value is its social/business network of resources.  And for mass research, they are tops in IT.

What I did discover is the social network of innovative thinkers I get to discuss ideas with are 2 – 5 years ahead of Gartner. 

If you are going to smaller, you better be faster.