Google’s Focus on Green (Money) (original source NYtimes) has a post on Google’s Marissa Mayer.

Yet, despite whatever frivolity might attach itself to her, Mayer, 33, plays a pivotal, serious role at Google. Almost every new feature or design, from the wording on a Google page to the color of a Google toolbar, must pass muster with her or legions of Google users will never see it. She is one of the few Googlers with unfettered access to and influence over Brin and Page, and Valley wags wonder whether Google's familiar white home page will even look the same if she leaves the company.

One part caught my eye is Google’s focus on color (the example is shades of green) to drive more clicks = more money.

As trivial as color choices might seem, clicks are a key part of Google's revenue stream, and anything that enhances clicks means more money. Divine's team resisted the greener hue, so Mayer split the difference by choosing a shade halfway between those of the two camps.

This same focus on green and its monetary impact can be applied to Google’s renewable energy and data centers efforts.

I missed Google’s Green web page

And, their new url for green data center. ;-)