Dual-Core Atom 263% Faster than Pentium 4 2.8 Running MySQL Select Queries

Let’s start with the conclusion.

Final conclusion: The Atom is handling better multiple tasks, it manages to distribute its tasks to all of its cores. It can handle multiple requests simultaneously and this makes it more functional. While the P4 is faster per clock speed, it can work only on one task at a time, where the processor dedicates all of its resources. When a new task arrives it simply discards it or delays it, while the ATOM can process multiple requests at once the P4 cannot. When the load was higher the ATOM outperformed the Pentium 4 almost 100% of the time. The MySQL performance difference was also very clear in that the ATOM outperformed the Pentium 4 several times over.

This quote comes from this word doc from this page. http://www.singlehop.com/servers/atom_tests.php

Test Name
P4 2.8 Ghz
Dual-Core ATOM 330

MySQL 1,000 Select Queries from 10 Clients
1ATOM is 263% Faster

MySQL 1,000 Select Queries from 100 Clients
ATOM is 265% Faster

MySQL 1,000 Update Queries from 10 Clients
ATOM is 31% Faster

MySQL 1,000 Update Queries from 100 Clients
ATOM is 19% Faster

MySQL Stress Test
ATOM is 17% Faster

Disk Read/Write - Write 5 GB File to Disk
2:41 Minutes
2:13 Minutes
ATOM is 13% Faster

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