Left Microsoft 3 years ago, and not looking back

Today is May 1, 2009, and 3 years ago after 14 years at Microsoft I decided it was time to leave.  Having spent my whole working career at big companies (HP 5 yrs and Apple 7yrs), it was a big leap to be on my own.

But after 3 years I don’t regret the move at all.  I still keep in touch with many Microsoft people who are working on Green IT/Data Centers, and have met many more people who want to solve sustainability IT problems.  In 15 min, I have a series of conference calls with a construction company and then intel to discuss its Data Center Efficiency Challenge.

The weather is nice today in Seattle, and I am going to work my dock for as long as the laptop battery will last. Wifi to my house gives me high speed internet, so I can even write this blog entry.  The only problem I have is if a sea plane takes off, and I won’t be able to talk on my cel phone.


I am lucky to talk and work with some of the brightest people in the industry who want to build and operate green data centers.

And, my blog are my notes for what I discover and part of my research on topics.

Thanks for reading my blog.

-Dave Ohara