What’s next after Dell Via Nano Server?

The XS11-VX8, Dell Via Nano Server is getting lots of news and blog coverage.

My blog works well for google search on “XS11-VX8”.  Giving me #2 in search results, and I only posted my blog entry yesterday even though news has been going on for the past 3 days.


Energy efficiency is a new focus for many, and much to the  frustration of Intel, AMD, and Server OEMs, not everyone wants a multi-core high cost chip.

So, what’s next?

ARM based servers that can be even higher performance per watt.

Don’t know who has done this, but given the hardware ecosystem, there are people who have experimented with this and Linux OSs.  The popularity of ARM chips in mobile devices is where the knowledge exists for low power solutions.

Why not take a mobile device, an iPhone and turn it into a server.

In fact, talk a game changing move by Apple.  What if Apple shipped a server appliance that had all your music, video, on a home server, running on an ARM chip.

The problem as one friend mentioned with a Netbook type iPhone is the power consumption as low as it is for an iphone, when you are browsing the web you are drawing more power than talking on the iphone, so a netbook use is harder than talking on the phone. So, in the short term, why not ship a server?

What if Apple made the quantum jump from iphone/ipod to iServer 500 GB of your media ready to follow you.  Can Apple create the home media server hub better than Microsoft did with Home Server?  Well, yes.