Best Possible Conditions for a Green Data Center, Intel & T-Systems launch DataCenter2020

Intel and T-systems have launched DataCenter2020.

Bavaria's Silicon Valley: DataCenter 2020

Sep 18, 2009

  • T-Systems and Intel join in researching the efficient data center of the future

Opening in Munich: At DataCenter 2020, T-Systems and Intel are working on the industrial implementation and automation of ICT services. Their goal: bringing them to market with maximum energy and cost savings. In an initial phase at Euroindustriepark, the two companies are researching how to create the best possible conditions for a green data center. Initial findings will be published this year. They will serve as the basis for ecological improvements to new and existing data centers.

Some of the technical details for the below pictures are:

Highlights of DataCenter 2020 include a ceiling height that can be adjusted from 2.50 meters to 3.70 meters and a smoke generator that makes air flows visible. The test environment, roughly 70 meters square, and an equipment room of the same size are located in the T-Systems data center. Intel is providing about 180 servers for the project, while the corporate customer arm of Deutsche Telekom is supplying the infrastructure necessary to operate them.