Apple’s environmental impact accounts for everything has an article on Apple’s latest environment site update.

Apple updates site with environmental impact

by Jim Dalrymple

Apple on Thursday updated its Web site with a new section on how its products are impacting the environment.

Apple has made public information in several categories including Life Cycle Impact, Product Usage Impact, andProduct Environmental Reports. The company also created a section dedicated to its own environmental updates.

Taking a look at the power management section will give you an idea of how extensive the information is that Apple provided. According to Apple, Mac OS X even regulates the processor in between keystrokes, saving power.

"Designing green products includes considering the environmental impact of the materials used to make them," reads Apple's Web site. "From the glass, plastic, and metal in our products to the paper and ink in our packaging, our goal is to continue leading the industry in reducing or eliminating environmentally harmful substances."

Going to the Apple environment site here is the life cycle view.



Apple’s data center impact is included in 3 percent reporting for facilities.


Apple’s facilities — including corporate offices, distribution hubs, data centers, and retail stores — account for 3 percent of our total greenhouse gas emissions.


275,718 metric tons of
greenhouse gas emissions

Apple reports 53% of the energy consumption

Energy Efficiency

Because 53 percent of Apple’s greenhouse gas emissions are a result of the power our products consume, we design those products to be as energy efficient as possible.

Outlet icon for Energy-efficient design


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15-inch MacBook Pro 2.8GHz using the Pages application.