Attending Gartner Data Center Summit, Dec 1 – 4 2009

I’ll be attending Gartner’s Data Center Summit on Dec 1 – 4, 2009.


I’ve never been to a Gartner conference, but have read many Gartner reports.  I don’t reference any of their reports unless there is a public non-subscription disclosure. 

Given I am attending the event as a blogger I can write about the things presented at a public event.

Interesting things I see in the agenda that relate to the green data center are:

Maintaining the 21st Century "best in class" Data Center
A decade into the 21st Century data center managers are not only facing traditional data center facility issues but are being hit with a list of new challenges. The growing interest in green IT initiatives, the obsolescence of data centers based on power and cooling issues, and the impact of virtualization are just a few of the new concerns. Even just measuring the efficiency of their data centers is a daunting task. Data center managers are continuing to grapple with cost, technology, people, location, and environmental issues, while continuing to deliver a highly available, secure, flexible server infrastructure as the foundation for the business's mission-critical applications. This track provides new insights into power and cooling solutions, greening the data center, and facilities considerations.
Some session highlights:

  • Emerging Trends in Data Center Design: Modernizing the Beast

  • Obtaining Cost-Effective Data Center Facilities

  • The Datacenter Container - When and Where Does it Make Sense?

Analyst/User Roundtables
Analyst/User Roundtables: Tap into sound advice for challenging times. Facilitated by Gartner analysts, these highly informative sessions offer the chance to learn directly from other participants' experiences. These sessions provide a peer-to-peer forum for sharing experiences and challenges on topics such as:

  • Green IT and the Data Center

  • Application Performance Management

  • Architecting for Extreme Availability

  • Increasing IT Business Alignment Through Communications and Metrics

Let me know if you’ll be there, and we can try to meet at the event.