“green data center” search on google.cn vs google.com

Curious on how google.cn (google’s china version of search) works vs. google.com I tried “green data center”

On Google.com GreenM3 is #1.  On Google.cn GreenM3 is #6, but I still snuck in a #1 spot as the #1 entry is my old TechNet article on Green Datacenters.

Actually, now that  I look at the Google.com results, I have spot #1 and #2.  Pretty cool.

Here is google.com results.


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  1. Green Data Center Blog

    Dec 14, 2009 ... Monitoring, Modeling, Managing the Green Data Center.
    www.greenm3.com/ - Cached - Similar -

  2. Green IT: Build a Green Datacenter

    Companies around the world are beginning to think of ways to save energy and reduce costs, yet there is little guidance on how you can take action. - Cached - Similar -

  3. The Green Grid

    IIJ to Conduct Proof of Concept Testing for the Next Generation Eco Data Center: 25 November, 2009 | Comment now · The Green Grid and BCS to Collaborate on ...
    www.thegreengrid.org/ - Cached - Similar -

  4. News results for green data center


    Digital Realty Trust Bolsters Green Datacenter Leadership With ...‎ -2 days ago

    We have achieved more green certifications for our facilities than any other company in the datacenter industry, and we continue to apply our expertise in ...

    CNNMoney.com (press release) - 34 related articles »

    Capstone Receives Follow-on Order From Texas Data Center‎ -CNNMoney.com (press release) - 8 related articles »

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  6. 10 Simple Steps to a Green Data Center - Trends

    Slideshow: Data centers require gobs of electricity to maintain. Dave Douglas, vice president of eco-responsibility at Sun Microsystems, shares his top tips ...
    www.cioinsight.com/.../10-Simple-Steps-to-a-Green-Data-Center-%5B2%5D/ -Cached -


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  1. Green IT: Build a Green Datacenter
      - [ 翻译此页 ]

    Companies around the world are beginning to think of ways to save energy and reduce costs, yet there is little guidance on how you can take action. - 网页快照 - 类似结果

  2. What is green data center? - Definition from Whatis.com - see also ...
      - [ 翻译此页 ]

    9 Dec 2008 ... A green data center is a repository for the storage, management, and dissemination of data in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and ...
    searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/.../0,,sid80_gci1178582,00.html - 网页快照 - 类似结果

  3. 10 Simple Steps to a Green Datacenter - IT Management
      - [ 翻译此页 ]

    You can cut costs and make a global impact by joining the trend toward the eco-friendlydatacenter.
    www.itmanagement.com/.../10-steps-green-datacenter/ - 网页快照 - 类似结果

  4. Google 图片:green data center
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  5. Green Data Center - 绿色数据中心- TT百科- TechTarget中国

    绿色数据中心(Green Data Center)是一个用于存储、管理和传播数据的储存库,其中的机械、照明、电气和计算机系统旨在将能源效率最大化和环境影响最小化。
    www.searchdatacenter.com.cn/word_2026.htm - 网页快照

  6. Going Green at Google | Clean Energy Initiatives
      - [ 翻译此页 ]

    Finally, we've begun to share our own data center best practices and are encouraging our ...Being "green" is essential to keeping our business competitive. ...
    www.google.com/corporate/green/datacenters/ - 网页快照 - 类似结果

  7. Apple Recruits eBay Data Center Executive Olivier Sanche, Can ...
      - [ 翻译此页 ]

    10 Aug 2009 ... I have been lucky to meet eBay's Sr. Director, Data Center Services & Strategy, Olivier Sanche at a variety of data center events and ...
    www.greenm3.com/.../can-apple-change-data-centers-the-way-they-changed-cell-phone-and-media-players-apple-recruits-ebay-data-center-exe... - 网页快照