Top 5 Data Center Construction Companies

Updated Sept 25, 2013.  Here are modular data center construction companies in addition to the typical construction companies below.


Updated Aug 30, 2011.  I wrote this blog post on Jan 15, 2010, and the Top 5 data center companies have not changed.  Most companies have at least one of these companies bid on their construction projects.


It can be hard to figure out who are the top data center construction companies and in this economy it is even more difficult than ever.  With the rule of Fight Club for data centers it is hard for a non-insider to figure out who does what as almost everyone says they are a leader.

Wal-Mart, Data Centers and The Fight Club Rule

June 3rd, 2006 : Rich Miller

“The first rule of Fight Club is – you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is – you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.”

Based on conversations with people who should know who builds what in the USA, and not a scientific survey here is what I can gather are the top 5 data center construction companies in order.

Also, the nice thing is every one of these construction companies has a green data center skill set.

#1 Holder Construction.

Data & Technology

Holder Construction Company is the industry leader in Data Center construction. Holder has maintained the #1 ranking on ENR’s Top 10 Data Center Contractors list for the past three years. Holder’s reputation for delivering the highest level of service on mission critical data center facilities is second to none.

  • Experience on over 100 data center projects in last 10 years
  • Over 7 million square feet of space
  • Over 3.5 million square feet of raised floor
  • Over 50 new construction projects
  • Majority of facilities have a fault tolerant, concurrently maintainable design
  • Experience in data center construction in 21 states and 2 foreign countries
  • Leader of LEED data center construction

#2 StructureTone

When it comes to mission critical construction, we deliver 24/7/365.

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As a joint-venture partner, we managed construction of a new, 98,000sf facility data center that  More…

Having built over 21,000,000sf of mission critical facilities at all levels of density and redundancy, we are acutely aware of the quality and resilency demands that are unique to mission critical spaces. We are also attune to the specific, and differing, requirements that these demands place on operators, end-users and designers.
Not simply a mission critical builder, Structure Tone offers our mission critical customers 360◦ solutions that encompass technology, facilities, design and construction. Our dedicated mission critical construction staff is comprised of mechanical, electrical, technology, commissioning and construction professionals who have unmatched, hands-on experience developing, installing, building and commissioning complex, redundant infrastructure. In addition, many of our mission critical specialists have walked in our customers shoes as mission critical operators and/or end-users.

#3 Turner Construction

Project Management to Meet Your Specific Needs

Turner believes in collaboration and bringing value to every aspect of a project. Turner’s mission critical facility experience and service offerings include:

  • LEED Accredited staff experienced in critical facilities projects, including construction managers, electrical and mechanical specialists and supply chain managers with extensive product, manufacturing and commissioning experience
  • Customized software applications to increase communication for real-time updates and proactive issue resolution in preconstruction, construction, commissioning, and post turnover operations

#4 DPR Construction

Web-hosting. Colocation. Telecom. Data processing. Call Center. DPR’s proven technical expertise hyper-tracks the delivery of mission critical facilities. Every day presents new opportunities for exploring alternative techniques to improve design and construction in a 24x7 environment. DPR’s building specialists look at each project with a fresh approach to provide the right team and services for the job. Offering customers a single point of contact and up-front collaboration to shorten schedules and control costs, DPR takes the process to new heights with its program management, construction management and design/build capabilities, ensuring that facilities are ready to ramp up to full running capacity immediately upon completion and continue operating without failure.

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#5 Skanska Construction

Skanska is a world leader in data center and resilient infrastructure construction. Capitalizing on our mission critical expertise, Skanska has developed the Mission Critical Center of Excellence (“COE”). Our team of experts offers an end-to-end service from initial design through commissioning and close-out.  Additionally, we also offer energy optimization services for new and existing data centers.

Mission Critical