Top 5 Modular Data Center Construction Companies

I have a post on the Top 5 Data Center Construction companies.  This post is a list of the Top 5 Modular Data Center Construction companies.  This list is based on conversations at conferences, bars, e-mail and phone calls and what companies come up.  If you don't already have these companies on your RFI list, you may now.

1. Dell Modula Data Center

The Smart Alternative to a Brick-and-Mortar Data Center: Dell MDC

Intelligent Connectivity and Flexibility: The Dell Modular Data Center
Take a look at the hyperefficient, snap-together, flexible choice over the traditional brick-and-mortar or pod-type data center: the Dell Modular Data Center (MDC) solution. Many key benefits make the Dell MDC a compelling alternative for your data center solution. Read a few of those benefits:
  • Speed: The Dell MDC can be designed, built, and up and running 75 percent faster than a traditional data center.
  • Efficient: Designed for hyperefficiency, the Dell MDC choice provides important advantages for flexible growth and cost reduction. When you choose an MDC from Dell, the Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) engineering team works hard to optimize your entire data center to reduce operational costs. Best of all, the MDC is modular, so you can add only the modules you need, incrementally, as you grow, without substantial up-front costs.
  • Flexible: Where the competition force fits IT into a rigid shipping container, we collaborate with customers like you to custom build your MDC.

2. HP POD (Performance Optimized Datacenters)

HP Data Center Solutions

HP Performance Optimized Data Centers (HP PODs) are a portfolio of breakthrough, modular data centers that help enterprises rapidly and efficiently expand data center capacity and meet increasing service level agreements. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar data centers, HP PODs help you scale capacity on demand, reduce capital expenditures and increase energy efficiency.

Along with our complete portfolio of HP POD solutions, HP provides turnkey solutions that help customers deliver on their data center strategies saving time and maximizing performance.

3. Compass Data Centers


Your mission critical applications are too important to be housed in the same data center with other customers in a data center located hundreds of miles from your operations team. A Compass dedicated data center is built for you alone to control your operational costs, enhance security, and simplify your day to day operations like moves, adds and changes; and it can be delivered within six (6) months of pad ready site. The benefits of a having a dedicated facility would be worthless if it wasn’t located where you needed it, and that’s why Compass will build your new data center exactly where you want it.

4. AST Modular 

AST Modular offers a range of fully integrated modular data centers which provide unmatched flexibility, resiliency, and energy efficiency. Our offering includes containerized ISO datacenters, NON ISO modular datacenters and datacenter modular rooms. The three systems offer a scalable method of quickly developing data centre capacity, require minimal work on site and can be operational in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional build. -


5. Commscope Data Center Solutions

Discover data center solutions that evolve with your needs

Data centers are at the center of everything a business does, and modern applications are demanding more and more of them than ever before. IT operations are struggling to meet demand, manage costs and maximize uptime in the face of several key challenges: