Taking a short blogging break, Go Longhorns!

I have been in heavy research mode working 7 days a week for the last month, and for the next few days I am going to attempt to unplug.  To restrict my ability to blog I am taking my daughter to her first Texas Longhorn Football game.

I am a UC Berkeley alumni, but have more fun cheering for friends and families alma mater. One of our best family friends are Oregon Ducks who are #1.

There are distractions in Austin, TX.  Smooth-Stone is HQ in Austin.  Dell is Round Rock.  And, the University of Texas has a new data center.

On the other hand, my cousin I am visiting in Texas was an-American swimmer for UT, so we will be busy with his swimming friends.  We could talk about water, but I don't expect many data center discussions.

I'll be back researching data centers on Monday, and I am sure I'll have a bunch more to discuss.

Checking my own metric on whether the break is good my blood pressure dropped back to 117 over 78 a day after I made the mental break.