Religion in the Data Center

There are many views in the data center world, and sometimes the way people think it reminds me of religious discussions that are all over the technology industry.

I joked about Google destroying a church.

Google Demolishes Presbyterian Church, do no evil?

InformationWeek has a picture gallery of Google's data center construction in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  One interesting picture for company with the motto of do no evil is below where a Presbyterian Church will be demolished as part of the construction.  A funny point made by one blogger is do no evil  is an anagram for o no devil seems to be appropriate.

Nearby Presbyterian Church will be demolished.

And, Steve Manos discusses his religious moment.

Losing My Religion

Posted on Thu, Sep 30, 2010

By Steven Manos

Four years ago I made a significant change in my life.  Four years ago I became a member of the Church of the Critical Facility.  I can remember the euphoria that came over me as I was immersed and baptized in the chilled water along the banks of the River Crah as the high cleric quoted verse from the Book of Tiers.  In the first several months as a member of the congregation I learned that though our flock had its share of zealots who constantly challenged one another on issues like DC vs. AC distribution, Rotary vs. Battery or whether or not to use raised floor, that ultimately we all had the same underlying belief system.  Our religion, my friends,  is rooted in the bedrock of ideas that we must build grand monuments whose complexity and design at times seem as though we are channeling a more superior technological being.  We build such monuments to honor those of us who reside in the clouds, those who welcome us in as their hosts and others we build to those around us who provide our world with all that we need to live.

The Religion of Data Centers

Gazing upon these monuments one can’t help but feel a sense of tremendous pride, the jubilation of such a feat and at the same time feel humble in the shadows that they cast.  It is at this point that our toils really just begin.  By the nature of their design, these facilities require skilled and diligent shepherds to ensure that that they are maintained in a way that is fitting for such a grandiose accomplishment.  The exhaustion of our energy, labor, efforts and around the clock vigilance is only matched by the exhaustion of our worldly goods through our immense contribution not only to build such an edifice,  but through our constant tithes required to keep them running.

To this church I have been a loyal member.  That is, until now.

I'll see Steve in Las Vegas at Data Center World, and I brought my Canon 7D to capture the moments.