Worldwide Interexchange Exchange Points, Peering Points for Data Centers WW

As part of green data center strategy you look for where to put data centers for renewable energy sources, but you can run into issues with the locations can many times not be the ideal locations for data center connectivity.  All the big players have a large list of peering sites at Internet Exchange Points to improve their cost and performance of delivery.

Here is a list of Worldwide Internet Exchange Points that will help give you an idea of where the exchanges are.  I've included only the last entries from UK on to show you.

UK Scotland, Edinburgh WorldIX Internet Exchange WorldIX
UK United Kingdom, London London Internet Exchange LINX
UK United Kingdom, London London Internet Providers Exchange LIPEX
UK United Kingdom, London London Network Access Point LoNAP
UK United Kingdom, London/other PacketExchange ---
UK United Kingdom, Manchester Manchester Network Access Point MaNAP
US Hawaii, Honolulu Hawaii Internet Exchange HIX
US United States, Albuquerque New Mexico Internet Exchange NMIX
US United States, Billings Yellowstone Regional Internet Exchange YRIX
US United States, Boston/other Boston Metropolitan Exchange Point BMXP
US United States, Champaign The Science, Technology, And Research Transit Access Point STAR TAP
US United States, Chicago Chicago Ameritech NAP ---
US United States, Columbus Columbus Internet Exchange CMH-IX
US United States, Los Angeles Los Angeles International Internet Exchange LAIIX
US United States, Los Angeles One Wilshire Any2 Neutral Internet and VoIP Exchange Any2
US United States, Medford Southern Oregon Access Exchange SOAX
US United States, Miami/other TerreMark NAP of the Americas TerreNAP
US United States, New York New York International Internet Exchange NYIIX
US United States, New York The Big Apple Peering Exchange BIG APE
US United States, New York/other Equinix Internet Business Exchange IBX
US United States, Palo Alto/other Switch and Data Neutral Internet Exchange Point PAIX
US United States, Philadelphia MAGPI Research and Educational Internet Exchange MAGPI
US United States, Philadelphia Philadelphia Internet Exchange PHILAIX
US United States, Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Internet Exchange PITX
US United States, Portland Northwest Access Exchange NWAX
US United States, San Diego San Diego Network Access Point SD-NAP
US United States, Seattle Seattle Internet Exchange SIX
US United States, Utah Utah REP Internet Exchange Point Utah REP
US United States, major cities Verizon MAE Services & Facilities MAE
VN Vietnam, Hanoi Vietnam Internet Exchange VNIX
ZA South Africa, Grahamstown Grahamstown Internet Exchange GINX
ZA South Africa, Johannesburg Johannesburg Internet Exchange JINX