Researching Topics using GreenM3 site metrics, example Social Security Data Center post

I regularly go through my feedburner stats to see what blog posts are getting traffic.

A typical post will look like below.  Peak, then fall off to single digit traffic.


The Social Security Administration's mistake in site selection post is different.  It is keeping steady at 40 - 50 hits a day 1 1/2 weeks after I posted.


Part of the traffic I think stems from learning from other's mistakes which rarely get published.  As most content is vendor sponsored, most content discusses buying new products to solve problems.

I went to the typepad metrics to track down one of Google Search hits.  My blog entry made it up to #9 on "social security administration data center"


The SSA data center says they were trying to a be a green data center, but it is going to be probably be one of the slowest built data centers out there.

SSA data center to go green

Agency will use energy-efficient technology

The Social Security Administration intends to use green information technology solutions in the new $800 million data center that will replace its existing facility.

SSA will use money from the economic stimulus law to help identify and install energy-efficient IT solutions at the new National Support Center, which handles Social Security benefits, according to a plan released May 18 on the Web site. Green IT solutions are designs, practices and devices that reduce environmental impact and limit energy consumption.

A data center friend tipped me off the SSA is hesitant to adopt hold and cold aisles.  Can imagine what the SSA PUE will be?  It will be a long time before we see that number.  Given the data center won't go online until Oct 2013 based on 2009 estimates.  Who cares what the PUE is as by 2014 I hope we have beyond PUE reporting by then.