Apple will need to stop designing state-of-the-art hardware and start designing insanely great data centers, says David Siegel

David Siegel has a book called Pull, The Power of the Semantic Web to transform business.

The Problem

On the Web today, we see millions of web sites, each of which presents web pages and documents. These are simply electronic versions of the old paper-based ways of doing things: writing checks, filing taxes, looking at menus, catalog pages, magazines, etc. When you search for something on Google, you get a list of web sites that may or may not have what you’re looking for, based on keywords found in the text. You have to look at each one and decide whether it answers your question. Google doesn’t know where the information or answers are; it just knows which pages have which keywords and who links to them.

Our information infrastructure isn’t scaling up very well at all. The average person now sees over 1,000,000 words and consumes 34 gigabytes of information every day. Mike Bergman estimates white-collar workers spend 25% of their time looking for the documents and information they need to do their work. One billion people are online now, and 4 billion have mobile phones. Exhaustion of IPv4 addresses (limit is 4 billion) is predicted for sometime in 2011. By 2030, there will be a minimum of 50 billion devices connected via internet and phone networks. Our information infrastructure is built to haul electronic versions of 19th century documents for humans to read, and it’s keeping us from using information effectively.

The solution to our information problem is the semantic web and the pull paradigm.

One section that jumped out is "The Computerless Computer Company" where he makes the statement.

Apple will need to stop designing state-of-the-art hardware and start designing insanely great data centers.

David is a big Apple supporter working on the Tekton typeface and has a blog post on why he should lead Apple.

The irony of I just realized is David's vision actually describes Google's plans.

The huge strength Google has vs. Apple is its advertising system gives them a huge advantage of the "Pull" from consumers.  Apple is a push company.

Google has insanely great data centers.