When a 451 Research employee blogs on ZDNet about Uptime Symposium which is owned by 451 Research, is this reporting or marketing?

Note as of today May 19, 2010. this issue is resolved with an update to the ZDNet blog post below.  See this post as an example.

I’ve learned quite a bit from people attending the Uptime Symposium in New York City. (Note: Uptime Institute is another business unit of The 451 Group.) Quite a number of the members of the Site Uptime Network who are attending the symposium shared stories about looking for ways to reduce energy consumption without disrupting IT operations in their sites.


I found this article on ZDNet's Virtually Speaking by Dan Kusnetzky.

Datacenter effectiveness

By Dan Kusnetzky | May 18, 2010, 3:07am PDT

I’m attending the Uptime Symposium 2010 in New York this week and have been gathering a few thoughts about the event for you. I couldn’t listen in on all of the sessions so, this is just a tiny segment of what was really said.

  • I spoke with Pitt Turner, Executive Director of the Uptime Institute, and Ken Brill, Founder of the Institute, about the concept of datacenter effectiveness. (This is one of the main themes of Uptime Symposium 2010). There comments about making the IT infrastructure really fit the needs of the organization being a challenging balancing act appeared to be right on the mark to me. Ken likes to say that there is gold lying on the datacenter floor and that people need to just bend over and pick it up.

At the bottom of the article reference is made that Daniel works for 451 Group.

Daniel Kusnetzky is a member of the senior management team of The 451 Group.

But,  I couldn't find in the blog post a statement that 451 Group owns Uptime Institute, like this PDF says.

Leading Independent IT Research and Analyst Firm The 451
Group Acquires The Uptime Institute

World-recognized authority on data center availability and leading voice on IT
energy efficiency and green IT joins expanding NYC-based research organization

NEW YORK, October 22, 2009 – The 451 Group, a leading independent IT research and analyst organization, today announced the acquisition of The Uptime Institute, a Santa Fe, NM-based think tank and professional services organization.

I would say common practice is a statement, saying "451 Group owns the Uptime Institute" should be somewhere in blog entry.

The 451 Group also owns and operates two independent divisions.

Tier1 Research analyzes the financial and industry implications of developments impacting public and private companies within the hosting, communications and Internet infrastructure sectors.

The Uptime Institute provides education, publications, consulting, certifications, conferences and seminars, independent research, and thought leadership for the enterprise data center industry and for data center professionals.

The CEO of 451 Group is Chairman of Uptime Institute.

W. Pitt Turner, IV, who currently leads the Uptime Institute Professional Services business – previously known as ComputerSite Engineering – has been appointed Executive Director, Uptime Institute. He will report to Martin V. McCarthy, CEO of The 451 Group. Mr. McCarthy will now also serve as Chairman, Uptime Institute.

Given you now know Daniel's employer owns Uptime Institute are his blog entries Uptime Institute marketing or reporting?