Google Voip fits with Google TV

With today's Google TV announcement, Google acquisition GIPS for VOIP services makes sense.  Google is becoming a utility for TV, Voice, and Electricity - in addition to the web.

Pete Cashmore Talks Google’s Venture into TV and VoIP on Bloomberg [VIDEO]

Google has been very busy in the last few days. First came rumors of Google’s venture into TV space with SmartTV. Then, Google offered to acquire Global IP Solutions (GIPS), followed by a slew of announcements at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco, the biggest being the release of an open source, royalty-free video format called WebM.

GoogleGoogle, Intel and Sony’s SmartTV project could reshape television as we know it, and AndroidAndroid-based set-top boxes could open a whole new world to developers of Android apps.

Google is taking the Microsoft playbook reaching out to developers with an expanded platform while Apple is shutting down developers that don't fit in Apple's licensing model.

Could you imagine the Apple Board meetings if Eric Schmidt hadn't resigned?  :-)